Innovative ergonomic alignment


Premium foams for luxurious comfort


Breathable and Cool


  • 12.7 cm (5 inch) Thickness
  • 3 Layers
  • Firm Feel
  • Breathable Foam
  • Unparallel Spine Support
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  • 15.24 cm (6 inch) Thickness
  • 3 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Infused Responsive Foam
  • Perfect Bounce
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  • 15.24 cm (6 inch) Thickness
  • 3 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Memory Foam
  • Weightless felling
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  • 15.24 cm (6 inch) Thickness
  • 3 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Memory Foam
  • Shape shifting
From 12,000/- More Details


  • 15.24 cm (6 inch) Thickness
  • 4 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Pressure equalising
From 13,000/- More Details


  • 20.32 cm (8 inch) Thickness
  • 4 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Max Ortho Care
From 18,000/- More Details

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Swiss-Ko Certified


Zero Partner Disturbance sleep


10-year warranty


Intelligent combination of materials


Recommended by European Orthopedic Society



Extra-ordinary Quality at Unbelievable Price

Sleep through the night and give your body the right cushioning and comfort it requires, get yourself a mattress from Bianca, one of the best mattress brands in India. After all complex movements throughout the day, your body requires just the perfect mattress to rest and recover faster for the following day.

If you are someone who has been facing back pain and faces difficulty in resting with maximum comfort, then the mattress created by Bianca with the latest technology and according to European standards is one of the best mattress for back pain in India.

Buy a mattress online from Bianca and be assured about the quality and feel of the mattress. This mattress is 100% Eco-Friendly and made of premium quality foam defining luxurious comfort.

Bianca: Apart from the ordinary mattress

At Bianca, it is made sure that the mattress that you would sleep on is the perfect fit on your bed, so you could enjoy utmost comfort while you sleep. The mattress from Bianca need not be specially transported by you to your residence but it will be delivered directly to your address.

With this process of buying a mattress online from Bianca, you can save close to 50% of the price you would be spending on other mattresses.

Give Sleepless nights a fix with Bianca’s range of six amazing mattresses. Our range of mattresses include:

  • Milano
  • Rivera
  • Caspian
  • Brooklyn
  • Sorrento
  • Fairmont
Choose a mattress that meets your comfort

Some people like their mattress firm while some may go for a slightly firm and slight softer mattress while there may be some who would like their mattress to be very soft. According to these varied choice of comfort, we at Bianca have introduced six amazing mattresses with different characteristics in a try to meet everyone’s needs

Milano - Firm Support Mattress
This is a 3 layered mattress that provides an extra firm feel. All the layers that form this mattress work in perfect sync and assure a very comfortable experience. Milano also promotes precise sleeping posture all night long. Milano is a mattress that does not add much of a burn to your pocket too.

Rivera - Easy sleep mattress
Rivera is one of the best mattress available online. It is a medium feel with a perfect bounce which makes it stand out from other mattresses. This air-ventilated mattress is made with great precision so that you can wake up perfectly rested and refreshed every morning.

Caspian - Weightless Comfort mattress
A mattress which gives you a weightless feeling but at the same time provides more than adequate support relieving pressure and optimizing airflow to keep you all cosy and cool while you travel in your dreams.

Brooklyn - Active Lifestyle Mattress
With Energy HD adaptive memory foam, this mattress promoting an active lifestyle generates dissipate heat facilitating you with extravagant comfort-enhancing your movements with superior pressure relief.

Sorrento - Natural Luxury Mattress
Adding absolute luxury that makes Bianca one of the best mattress brands in India, the Sorrento mattress is made up of 100% natural latex. With a medium-firm feel is one of the premium mattresses one can buy online.

Fairmont- Organica Signature Mattress
This premium organic mattress has 4 comfort layers for quick recovery of your body. This mattress can also be called an Orthopaedic mattress as it provides maximum Orthopaedic support while you sleep. The Fairmount mattress is the best mattress you can buy online. It is also the best mattress for back pain in India.

Design & Technology

The mattresses by Bianca are no ordinary, they have been manufactured using the best designs and technology which has been showered by trust from all over the world.

Europe’s No. 1 Sleep technology in India
Bianca believes in providing its customers with the ultimate sleep satisfaction. To make sleep hours more comfortable Bianca has bought the Swiss- Ko sleep technology for the first time in India. This ensures that all the products by Bianca are designed and tested in the Swiss-Ko Labs. The Swiss company uses cutting edge technology and innovation to make your sleep experience better with time.

Swiss-Ko certified premium quality foams only
All our Mattresses are formulated by 100% pure foams free from any kind of filters and heavy metals. Our mattresses are the best in India that ensures a healthy sleep for you and your family.

These high-quality foams certified by the Swiss-Ko are also bacteria and dust mite resistant which helps to avoid respiratory problems and is very safe for Asthmatic sleepers.

Intelligent mattresses
Every mattress by Bianca is a perfect combination of materials certified by Swiss-Ko making it the best mattress you can buy online and in stores.

After a million tests and deep research of over 3 years, Bianca is set to be the best mattress brand in India designing the exclusive multilayered mattresses providing the perfect balance of support, breathability, comfort and alignment.

Why Trust Swiss-Ko Technology?

Innovative Ergonomic Alignment
In order to have a sound sleep, your spine must be well aligned. Every mattress model by Bianca is developed and tested in the Swiss-Ko labs and strive at providing the perfect spine support, bounce, stiffness and sponginess. The orthopaedic mattress by Bianca is the best mattress for back pain.

Breathable & Cool
If you observe mattress, a lot of hot air gets accumulated in them leading to discomfort while you sleep. But the airy layers in Bianca’s mattress helps to keep you cool and relaxed while you sleep.

The Swiss-Ko technology applied to our mattresses also include tiny pores to let hot air escape for a better and comfortable experience.
Our proprietary quilted Aero Core layer made with ultra-breathable material helps to avoid feeling of sweating or freezing by enhanced airflow

Recommended by European Orthopedic Society

Our mattresses are widely recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. It is the best mattress for back pain and also for everyone who values fit, healthy and pain-free life.

Each mattress adjusts to body shape offering optimum support and relieving back-pain by allowing proper blood circulation. We at Bianca are offering mattresses with technology that you cannot find even among the best mattress brands in India.

Let your Partner sleep Disturbance Free
While sleeping, you are often disturbed by the movements of your partner sleeping right next to you.

The Swiss-Ko technology also eliminates movement throughout the mattress and also offers individual support for disturbance-free sleep.

An Exclusive 10-year warranty
Swiss-Ko certified foams used in our mattresses are very durable due to the exceptional quality standards.

You can buy our mattress online or from our stores and count on Bianca for an entire decade. That's our Promise!

Value for Money
Bianca, in competition with the best mattress brands in India manufactures every mattress according to the needs of its customer ensuring them a great and affordable sleep experience.

You can save 50% on your expenditure due to our direct customer connect. We at Bianca, have engineered the entire supply chain process as a brand to cut out unnecessary overhead costs by middlemen and logistics.

Simple Box Packaging with free shipping
Another advantage of the Swiss-Ko technology is that the mattress can now be compressed and can be roll packed simply in a box.

This box is then shipped straight to your doorstep.

The box packaging makes the hustle for delivery a lot simpler even if you live on a higher floor in a building having a very narrow lift. Why would you pay extra transport and labour charges?

Our Range :

We at Bianca strive at providing the right mattresses according to your comfort so that you have a perfect sleep experience and you can wake up very fresh and rested every morning.

Have a look at our range of 6 exclusive mattresses made with cutting edge innovation, every mattress deriving ultimate sleep comfort.

Choose the mattress that fits your sleeping needs now!