5 Tips For Buying Wholesale Towels For Your Business

A lot of businesses use towels as a common item to maintain proper hygiene and achieve customer satisfaction and the great impression. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, day spas, hair salons, nail salon, health clubs, country clubs, gyms, etc. make use of best quality towels for their customers. Purchasing the correct towel for a particular type of business is very important. Though selecting the right kind of towel from the diverse range of towels is a hard-hitting job that too at an economical price. The wholesale towels are available in various colors, materials and sizes in the online market at best wholesale rates. It is important to choose the perfect towel because it acts as a marketing asset and branding plus point.

Towel set

1. The Perfect Towel Creates a Brand Image

The towels offered by a business to their employees or clients acts as a marketing and branding asset. A bad quality or an unpleasant towel conveys a bad impression. That makes it difficult to attain customer satisfaction. Therefore it becomes necessary to select the towels carefully in order to build loyalty and goodwill in the business world. Perfect quality, right weave, and accurate size are few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while purchasing wholesale towels. Businesses related to hospitality sector need to select wisely from the wide range of cotton towels, printed towels, hand towels, and bath towels online in India

2. Get Acquainted With Common Towel Materials before Buying

Before selecting wholesale towels for business one must be acquainted with the variety of materials from which different types of towels are made. One can select a luxurious and premium quality towel fabric for a high-end beauty salon or resort business. Likewise, a medium quality but comfy fabric will be suitable for a normal hotel or restaurant. Cotton Towels made from the cotton material is the most widely and commonly used variety in the hospitality business. Cotton fiber makes a fluffy and soft variety of 100% cotton for hand and bath towels, whereas a mix of cotton polyester is also readily available. Terrycloth is a variety that is manufactured from looped fabric that helps in absorbing plenty of moisture. These types of towels are best for gyms, salons and spas. Velour towels are a luxurious variety of towel fabric that is available in woven and knitted form. It is stretchable and velvety in texture. Grommet towel is a variety of towel manufactured with a metal ring surrounding a hole. This facilitates in hanging the towel and also prevents it from tearing.

3. Select the Colors According to Theme

The bath towels online in India offers varieties of vibrant and colorful towels to suit various themes and decors of different businesses. For example, if the decor is neutral then a vibrant colored towel might add spunk and visual interest to the whole theme. Similarly, if the decoration is based on a single colored theme then a matching contrast colored towel will assist in creating a brand identity.

4. Selecting the Right Sized Towels

The wholesale towels market offers a diverse range of towels ranging from washcloth size of 27.94x27.94 cms(11x11 inches) to a full 137.16x68.58 cms (54x 27 inches) bath towels to suit different purposes. The bath body towels range from 101.6x137.16 cms (40-54 inches) in breadth and 50.8x68.58 cms (20-27 inches) in width best suited for spas and pools. The bar towels are generally available in 38.1x45.72 cms (15-18 inches) breadth and 40.64x48.26cms (16-19 inches) length regularly used for cleaning bar counters and car wash. The hand towel is also available in a variety of sizes that has a length of 63.5x76.2 cms (25-30 inches) and breadth of 38.1x40.64 cms (15-16 inches) that are majorly sold to suit multiple purposes.

5. Towel Weight

While selecting towels for business purposes weight is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Generally, pounds and dozens are the measurement standards used to measure the weight of the towels. The towels with weight ranging from 15-20 per dozen are considerably more heavy and luxurious and are suitable for lounging at a spa, whereas the thinner variety of 5-10 lb per dozen is best suited for gyms and other purposes.

So, it becomes necessary for businesses to choose wisely from the varied range of towels to suit their purpose and adding luxury to the overall experience of the customers.