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    Dohar: Your Ultimate Dohar Buying Guide

    The cold season approaches, and in the classical Indian style, it's time to dive into the attics and remove traditional Dohar. Dohar is a typical Indian household bedding material that has been used for decades. Dohar is similar to the quilt. It has three layers of cotton (muslin cotton) stitched together. It comes in the most beautiful patterns, especially hand block patterns that make it a beautiful home décor must have a product. If you want to keep up the traditional ways of warming in Indian winters, buy Dohar online and experience a sound, warm and cosy sleep.

    While Dohar usually comes in the traditional muslin cotton material, quilts are similar to it and can come in various materials. These include

    • Dohar Cotton – Cotton quilts are great due to their breathable nature. They offer great sleep and exude ultimate comfort.
    • Wool Cotton – Wool-based quilts are excellent for keeping warm during harsh winters; however, some may be allergic.
    • Polyester Cotton – Polyester-based products are affordable, lightweight and extremely durable. They can easily be machine washed without hassles.

    Wondering if Dohar is the right choice for your sleeping needs? Here's why you must choose Dohar

    • Healthy Lifestyle

    A good Dohar can have a massive impact and offer you a good sleeping experience. In turn, this can help you tailor a healthy lifestyle for yourself. A good night's sleep can positively impact your mood, next day, and energy levels. So choose to make small changes like choosing a Dohar to experience a good night's sleep.

    • Aesthetically pleasing: Bianca home offers Dohar online in various styles and patterns. You can take your pick and choose a Dohar that matches your bedding set. Solid coloured Dohar or Dohar with floral are a great option for your home. Add to the aesthetic appeal for your home without compromising sleep quality.
    • Hygiene: Cotton is one of the most preferred go-to materials for maintaining high hygiene standards in your home and bedroom. With good quality muslin Dohar at your disposal, you can keep those allergies at bay. These products are washable and easy to maintain. Their high durability is one of the primary reasons people repeatedly prefer cotton Dohar for their homes.

    Dohar Online - Sizes You Must Be Aware Of

    A night of good comfortable sleep is dependent on a lot of factors. One of these is the need for a bedding set that matches the size of your mattress. Unfortunately, many people buy an incorrect bedding set, therefore having ill-fitting bedding. Choose a single dohar or double dohar that matches your mattress size to have a good night's sleep. Confused about what size your mattress is of? Have a look at the table listed below, and identify your mattress. This can help you pick a suitable corresponding mattress.





    38-inch X 75 Inch

    Ideal for single adults or children

    Twin XL

    38 inches by 80 inches

    Teenagers, Tall Children, Single Adults with Limited Space

    Full or Double

    54 inches by 75 inches

    Single Adult, Couples with limited Space in the room


    60 inches by 80 inches

    Ideal for guests' rooms, can fit two adults with limited Space

    King Size

    76 inches by 80 inches



    60 inches by 90 inches

    Singles Living alone


    Dohar Blankets Online - Why Choose Bianca Home For Your Dohar?

    Bianca Décor is a home-grown brand that understands the importance of traditional Indian products for daily use. The firm also is adept at understanding every individual's sleep needs and how the right product is essential for this purpose, which is why you can find high-quality Dohar online. Pick from the wide range of colours, patterns and designs of Dohar.

    Bianca Home also houses a range of other bedding-related products such as comforters, quilts, bedding set, pillow covers, curtains, and doormats, among others. So make Bianca home your go-to for all your sleep needs!