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    Bathroom Mats – The Complete Guide For Bathroom Door Mats

    Bathroom mats have been used for decades as a way of keeping the house free of those unwater watermarks around the house. Nobody likes those wet foot stains, greasy stains, murky/muddy stains around the house, especially during the monsoons. Bathroom mats are multipurpose in nature and can be used in different regions of the house. For example, it can be kept outside your washrooms and toilets, where you predict wet marks.

    However, one of the most common places where bathroom door mats are used is outside your main door or just once you enter. This is done to give a quick cleanse since people's pets may walk, making the house unhygienic, especially during rainy seasons.

    Reasons To Have A Bathroom Door Mats - Anti Slip Mat For Bathroom :

    • Keeps Home Clean – Prevent unnecessary water marks that can make your doorways wet, moist and dirty.
    • Prevents Skidding – Anti skid mat for bathroom are now available to protect users from slipping and falling on wet floors. Non slip bathroom mats offers the ultimate grip that prevents falling accidents
    • Decorative Purposes – Bath mats have become popular as a decorative accessory for their utility purposes. You can now make a statement with your bath rugs
    • Quick Drying – Nobody likes roaming the house with wet or dirty feet. It allows you to have a quick dry.

    Common Bathroom Floor Mats Materials :

    Bathroom mats or bathroom rugs come available in various sizes as Medium Bathroom Mats or Large Bathroom Mats, shapes as Slim Bathrooom Mats or Fluffy Bathroom Mats and patterns. Bathroom mats may also come as Memory-Foam Mats or Micro-Polly Mats. However, knowing what material to pick is essential. Choose something that works for you!

    1. Cotton Bathroom Mats – Known for its highly absorbent properties, cotton mats can truly help you keep your bathroom section clean and tidy. In addition, cotton is a super soft material; it dries up easily and is comfortable in its touch and feel.
    2. Synthetic Material – Owing to the anti slip properties desired in a mat, a good synthetic mat with an anti-slip coating can go a long way. These bathmat is especially great to be put on floor surfaces that fall directly under the shower area.
    3. Wood – At times, users look for a fancy, aesthetically appealing bath mat. In this case, wooden bath mats that may be made of bamboo material are a great option. Now take your pick and add the much-needed appeal to your home. It is recommended not to have this in areas with high moisture or water.
    4. Natural fibre Based – If you are looking for a mat that is durable, easy to maintain and does the job, choose natural fibre. Natural fibre materials are usually made up of natural materials such as coconut or rush grass fibre. These products are also great for water absorption and provide anti-slip properties due to their texture.

    Size And Patterns For Non Slip Bathroom Mats Or Anti Slip Mat For Bathroom:

    When choosing the right bathroom for you, it is important to know the dimensions. This will help you plan your bathroom space better and avoid unnecessary clutter. Generally, the standard sizes that bath mats come in are approximately 20 X 30 inches. These are a great option for medium-sized bathrooms. However, if you have a large bathroom, you should choose a larger-sized bath rug that covers a larger surface area.

    Choose a good non slip bathroom mat for your home and ensure it adds to your space functionally and decoratively.

    Bath Rug Vs Bath Mat

    When choosing the right product or bathroom accessory, a lot of confusion may arise between a bath rug and a bathmat. This varies depending upon your requirement. While bath mats are ideal if you are looking for a more functional purpose, bathroom rugs offer more of a personality to your home bathroom. Bath rugs come in various textured formats and offer a nice feeling every time you step on them. However, bathroom rugs may not be the ideal fit if your primary aim is to have anti-slip properties.

    For instance, if you are looking for a bath mat for an elderly person's room or kids' room, nonslip bathroom mats or anti skid bathroom mats are ideal. Likewise, if you want to decorate the guest bedroom or master bedroom, you could throw in bath rugs to add to the character of your room.

    Why Choose Bianca Home for Bathroom Mats Online?

    Bianca Home is a leading supplier of high-quality bed and bath accessories. The company believes in innovation and experimentation and is willing to try new materials. In addition, the firm has a great understanding of utilities within this category. Therefore, every product adds to the bed bath collection functionally and aesthetically.

    Bianca Home offers a wide range of bathroom mats on the website. Some of the most common materials include cotton, micro-Polly, slim mats, fluffy mats, and large mats. Besides this, the firm also offers a range of other products such as bedsheets, Rugs and Carpets, bedding sets, pillow covers, door mats, curtains and more. Explore the website to know more.