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    Dining Table Cover -Table Cover Buying Guide

    Dinner table is an indispensable part of every home. It’s where the families come together, sit together have family discussions. Therefore, ensuring that this space is clean, hygienic and inviting is extremely important. When we discuss regular accessories that add to the utility of any house, table covers are a must-have. Table covers are an essential part of every home. When you are looking at creating the décor of the entire home, choosing the right table cover makes all the difference.

    Reasons To Opt For Center Table Cover - Dining Table Cover Waterproof / Center Table Cover/ Round Table Cover

    Dinner tables bring together families, discussions and bonding time. Taking care of your dinner table is an essential part of this. Here are the reasons why you must shop for a modern dining table cover

    1. Protects Damage from Spillage: When you use your dining table for all your meal times, it is obvious that there is bound to be spillage. Fun times and often chaotic times too.
    2. Enhances Beauty of The Room: A simple table cover can go a long way to completely changing the beauty of your home. Start with a simple table cover, such as a dining table cover 4 seater or centre table cover that comes in stunning designs.
    3. Ensures Easy Maintenance: Wooden tables or other high-maintenance tables require a lot of maintenance. Something as small as a water droplet or so can totally damage the wood, which is why it is essential to cover it up with a centre table cover or round table cover that will protect the wood or other such materials.

    Table Cover Materials You Should Know About- Dining Table Cover Plastic / Dining Table Cover Waterproof

    1. Cotton Table Cover– A cotton table cover can be used as a round table or centre table cover. The beauty of the cotton table cover is that it comes in colours, patterns and styles. It is easy to wash, durable in nature and therefore long-lasting.
    2. Polyester Table Cover - If you are looking for fabric that is lightweight, easy to dry, and easy to maintain, polyester is the material to go for. The best part of this is that its polyester is affordable.
    3. Poly-cotton – Poly Cotton is the perfect blend of polyester and cotton that offers a range of colours, designs and more.
    4. Vinyl – If you are looking for a dining table cover waterproof, you can look for a vinyl dining table.
    5. Dining Table Cover Plastic– You will come across various categories of plastic table covers that are a great, affordable option for homes. They are easy to clean and keep the table material safe. You get options in plastic, such as dining table cover 6 seater or dining table cover 4 seater or 8 seater dining table cover.

    Know Your Modern Dining Table Cover Size Before You Buy Table Covers

    Let us walk you through the size guide you should know about before buying your dining table.

    For Round Tables: The standard formula is

    Table Diameter + Drop* X 2 = Table Cloth Size Needed

    72” + 16” = 88” Table cloth size needed.  

    For Square Tables: The Standard Formula is

    Length of Table + (Drop X 2)* X Width of Table + (Drop X 2)* = Table Cloth Size Needed

    61” + 16” X 38” + 16” = 77” x 54” Table cloth size needed. 


    Different Options Available Under Center Table Cover :

    2 Seater Rectangle

    4 Seater Round

    4 Seater Square

    4 Seater Rectangle

    6 Seater Rectangle

    8 Seater Rectangle

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