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    Bath Towels – For A Spa-Like Experience At Home

    Shopping for the right bath towel often seems like an easy task to check off your to-do list. However, it can become a confusing affair when you actually get down to buying bath towels online. Spending time to research before buying your next bathroom towels is an excellent step because towels are long-lasting products. With endless options available online, a quick tip or two can help you choose the right bath towels. Why settle for anything substandard when you can have the absolute best?

    What Are Bathroom Towels?

    Bathroom Towels or bath towels are used to clean and dry yourself after a bath. This product is almost used daily. Ideally, it is used daily, goes through a lot of wear and tear and needs to be durable. Choosing a product that can withstand machine washes and can offer quick drying are properties you must look for in a bath towel.

    General Types of Towel For Bath You Should Know About:

    The common misconception is that a towel used for bathing is a bathroom towel. However, towel for bath include various types of products. This includes

    1. Face Towels – These towels are ideally used for a quick patting and drying of the face after a session of freshening up.
    2. Hand Towels – These towels are used to dry up your hands that may get frequently. You don’t always want to mix up your facecloth or towel and hand towel. You can use hand towels to dry your hands once you clean them to post your bathroom sessions or just from a hygiene standpoint.
    3. Bath towels – The standard long bath towels are long enough to cover you, provides quick drying and are extremely skin-friendly.

    Bathroom Towel Materials You Should Know About

    1. Cotton Towels – Cotton, especially Egyptian cotton, is one of the most common materials used for a bathroom towel. This material has been popular through the decades because it is highly absorbent. It is easy to use, easy to clean and dries quickly. These are relatively expensive if provided in 100% cotton; however, they are worth every penny, especially because they are durable.
    2. Synthetic Fiber Towels – These towels are generally less absorbent in nature than cotton towels. Therefore, they are suitable for a quick pat dry hand towel. Because it is synthetic, it is relatively quick to dry too. One of the biggest pros of the product is that it is a relatively low-cost product as compared to other materials.
    3. Bamboo Bath Towels – this product is environment friendly, great on the skin, and a popular product in the towel category. You will often also find a blend of cotton and bamboo products that makes for a great bath towel.
    4. Microfiber Towels – This new category has revolutionized the bath towel industry. This product feels immensely super soft on the skin. Why this product has been such a hit in the market because it can capture dust, dry skin, chemicals, makeup particles beautifully and is therefore preferred.

    Size & Thickness Guide for Bath Towels



    Face Cloth

    30cm X 30 cm

    Hand Towels

    50 x 90cm

    Bath Towels

    70 x 125cm

    Bath Sheets

     100 x 150cm


    Generally, it is observed that bath towels could range from a thickness of 300 GSM to 900 GSM based on the variety. A lightweight Turkish towel could be around 400-600 GSM. However, a higher weight category of Turkish towels could go up to 700-900 GSM

    What Is GSM In Towels?

    When we speak of towels or look at the specifications before buying, it is important to know what GSM is. GSM is an abbreviation for grams per square meter. Good cotton towels, for instance, are of 300-900 GSM. Plush bath towels that are used in spas that are soft to feel, great on the skin and made of cotton fabric are of the highest GSM. However, all of the products are highly absorbent and will offer you an excellent post-bath drying experience.

    Why Choose Bianca Home For Bath Towels Online

    Bianca Home has been a pioneer in the bed and bath category. The firm stays abreast with the latest technologies and offers them to its users. The products are always of the highest quality and easy to source from the Bianca Home website. Some of the best-selling items include

    1. Ultrasoft Zero Twist 100% cotton towel
    2. Super Soft Turkish Terry Towel
    3. Quick Dry 100% Cotton soft terry towel

    You can now choose your towel based on available materials, including cotton, soft cotton tech., organic cotton and zero twists. One of the best reasons to buy bath towels online from Bianca Home is because you can decide based on feel. For instance thin towels, fluffy towels, Dobby, fluffy terry, medium terry, and waffle, among others. In addition, Bianca Home offers a range of patterns for you to choose from. This includes designer bath towels, solid colour and strip bath towels