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    King Size Bedsheet - Live Life, King Size!

    King Size Bedsheet - Live Life, King Size!

    You have invested in a king size bedsheet and are all set to get a night of blissful sleep. But wait! What about the bedsheet? If you want the complete experience of sleeping like a king, investing in a good king size bedsheet is equally important. After all, a bed is incomplete without its perfect mattress.

    Thanks to online shopping, you can buy a bedsheets from the comfort of your home but choosing the right one can be a task. Bianca is here to help you filter through the options and find the perfect bedsheet for your bed.

    Measure Your Bed Correctly to Find The Perfect King Size Bedsheet

    Before you dive into the world of shopping for a king-size bedsheet, it is important to know the measurement of your mattress. Knowing that your bed is a standard king size is not enough – it is important to know the exact size to find its perfect match. This step becomes all the more important when buying a king size bedsheet online. If you don't know the size of your bed, you can end up with a short or too long bedsheet that will be difficult to tuck in. Instead, measure the length and breadth of your bed to find the perfect king size bedsheet for your bed.

    King Bed Flat Sheet Sizes in cm and inches





    102 Inches

    260 cms


    108 Inches

    275 cms


    King Bed Fitted Sheet Sizes in cm and inches





    78 Inches

    199 cms


    80 Inches

    203 cms


    If you have a king-size bed, Bianca has two bedsheet options for your mattress – King and XL king.



    King Single Bedsheet

    2.29 m X 2.74 m

    King XL Bedsheet

    2.74 m X 2.74 m


    While buying a king size bedsheet, also consider if you want a flat or a fitted bedsheet. Bianca offers you the best of both worlds- a fitted bedsheet with elastic edges. As a result, you no longer have to struggle to stretch and tuck your bedsheet inside your mattress.

    Different Materials For Different Sleeping Needs

    Once you have figured out the size of your bedsheet, the next step is to choose the material of your choice. Whatever you pick, make sure it is compatible with your sleep style and the climate of your place. Bianca offers basic, premium and luxury bedsheets as per your preferences.

    • Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet: This is the king of all bedsheet materials and is made from double mercerized 100% cotton yarn. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton.
    • Satin Cotton Bedsheet: This bedsheet is a blend of Cotton and satin and is extremely soft and comfortable to sleep on.
    • One hundred percent Natural Cotton Bedsheet : . Made out of 100 per cent cotton, they are naturally textured, easy to maintain and more durable than regular bedsheets. They are also perfect for every kind of weather owing to its temperature regulating properties.
    • Bamboo Micro King Size Bedsheet: These bedsheets are made of bamboo and eco-friendly and sustainable. It is treated with a brushed-peach finish for a softer feel.

    Bedsheets are further divided into fabric quality such as 140Gsm Micro, 144Tc Percale, 210Tc Satin and 180Tc Twill. So head to our online store to deep dive into this fabric technology and select the one that is best for you.

    Quality That Matters - Match Your Bedsheet With Your Bedroom Aesthetic

    Do you like to keep it minimal with plain solid colour bedsheets or prefer vibrantly printed bedsheets? Whatever your choice, we have several options for you to choose from at Bianca online store. From florals and chequered to geometric patterns, you can select from a wide variety of king size bedsheets to adorn your bed. For a 5-star hotel experience, opt for the classic white king-size bedsheet. Our collection also features several other popular colour choices such as grey, blue, pink, purple, brown and more. Our bedsheets are made from zero-colour fading technology and will last you for a long time. Browse through our website to find the perfect king size bedsheet that matches your bedroom's aesthetic.

    What Are The Bed Sheet Prices Of King Size Bedsheets?

    Do you want a luxurious king size bedsheet that you can snuggle in or an economical and easy-to-maintain one? Bianca offers a range of king-size bedsheets at various price points as per your preferences. We also offer eco-friendly bedsheet options that are great for both you and the environment. The price also varies depending on if it's king size or XL king size bedsheet.

    Take a quick look at our bedsheet prices based on the size.

    Top Bedsheets:

    Super Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton King Double Bedsheet – Rs 2149

    Soft 100% Natural Cotton King Size XL Bedsheet – Rs 1779

    Super Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Satin Stripe Single Bedsheet With 1 Pillow Cover

    Extra Smooth Micro Double Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers(geometric-brown/grey) – Rs 1299

    Super Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Satin Stripe Single Bedsheet With 1 Pillow Cover – Rs 2599

    Soft 100% Natural Cotton Xl King Fitted Bedsheet With Elastic Edges With 2 Pillow Covers- Rs 3599

    Bamboo Micro King Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers- Rs 2999

    Why Choose Bianca

    Bianca Home Décor is one of India's leading mattress and home décor companies, with over thousands of happy customers across the globe. We prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else, and it is our motto to make your home a sanctuary with our products. We've cultivated strong partnerships with international companies from where we source our materials. Bianca crafts the finest quality mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, comforters and more to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience. Our king size bedsheets are made from soft touch and no-fade technology. They are anti-allergy, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Our state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing facilities ensure that our offerings are both high-quality and durable and competitively priced.