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    Table Mats - Everything You Need To Know About Placemat

    Having a dining area with a beautiful dining table is a great upgrade to your home space. It creates a special zone wherein you can bring your family together for the best family bonding time – meal times. However, this can be quite a messy affair. Eating meals comes with a lot of food being passed around the table, morsels falling off, gravy spills and just a lot of messy food all over the place. While a good dining table cover is a great solution, having dining table mats can simplify the task.

    If you have just a couple of people for dinner or lunch, cleaning the whole table cover can be tedious. Therefore, using tablemats and runners is a great alternative. It provides adequate protection, looks good and is easier to clean comparatively.

    Dining Table Mats - Common Fabrics That Placemat For Dining Table Are Made Of

    Placemats are one of the best ways to keep your dining area clean while aesthetically increasing the appeal of the place. If you are looking to buy table mats online, you may be confused with the variety of available choices. Here are some of the most common fabrics available

    1. Wood Table Mats: Placemats made of food are a great option for your dining table; it adds that touch of luxury and finesse even to the most boring dining tables. They are easy to clean; you are good to go with one thorough swipe and rinse.
    2. Plastic table mats – Plastic placemats are used mostly from a functional point of view. However, they are affordable, reusable, easy to clean and come in various patterns and designs.
    3. PVC Table mats – these table mats and runners come in great designs, are aesthetic and easy to maintain.
    4. Cloth Based – most common material used for dining table mats and runners in the cloth are cotton table mats. This is the best way to quickly give your table mats a good machine wash when dirty/ soiled. It comes out fresh, spotless and ready to use once again. Affordable, reusable, offers good aesthetics and more.

    Placemat Table Sizes Ideal For You

    Choosing the right placemat for your home depends on a number of factors. Therefore, let’s first dive into the common placemat table sizes.

    The common placemat size available in the market is 33X45cm. This is wide enough to fit in your cutlery and plates and offers good dining space for an individual without encroaching into someone else’s space.

    However, with constant trends and innovations coming up, table mats online now come in various sizes and shapes. For instance, round table mats are also preferred for their aesthetic value.

    While looking for the right placemat for you, pay attention to the below-mentioned factors

    1. Size of the table – choose something that corresponds. For example, a small table with large placemats will be a misfit.
    2. The dimensions – Some tables could be longer lengthwise, in which case you could go for table runners.
    3. Colour of the table – Choose table mats that are cohesive to the colour of your table.

    Reasons You Need A Plastic Table Mats

    1. Hygiene: One of the primary reasons why a table mat is required is that it maintains good table hygiene. The place where you sit to nourish yourself each day must be a clean, clutter-free, and hygienic. Placemats allow you to ease the upkeep of your dining area.
    2. Decorative: They truly add to the décor of your house. It adds a touch of oomph and detailing to your home décor.
    3. Eases Maintenance: All the home décor and utility pieces you have in your home must be maintained well. Therefore, products such as placemats add to the ease of maintaining your dining table.

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