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    Window Curtain: A Way To Enhance Your Home Decor

    Spruce your home by investing in best-in-class, stylish, uber-chic window curtains. These curtains have a way of completely reinventing the way your home looks. Curtains are more than just décor items. They also offer many functional benefits to the user, which is why it is an absolute must-have. From simply blocking light to providing a luxurious look and feel, curtains can do a lot.

    Window curtains are one of the most popular categories within the curtains category. Window curtains come in various sizes, types and styles. Some like to have long French window curtains, while some have normal, standard-sized curtains. These curtains play a big role in making the home feel more like home, a beautiful space to thrive in. You can now shop for window curtains for home online. However, you should know the nitty gritty before making that purchase.

    Design Styles for Modern Curtains

    Window curtains come in a variety of designs and styles. First, let’s dive into some of the most popular designs and styles of window curtains.

    1. Single Panel Curtains – These are for the smaller windows that may have a smaller width. Hence you don’t need to buy these in pairs, as one single panel is enough to cover the window.
    2. Panel Pair Curtains – These are the fairly regular modern window curtains that are used in homes. They offer excellent light block, and allow you to draw back on using a tie back.
    3. Pinch Pleat Curtain – These curtains are designed in a way that gathers of three are stitched together. They offer a super elegant look and feel. They are made of heavier fabric quality or material.
    4. Box Pleat Curtains – The folds here are deeper; more fabric is involved, giving a chic and tailored experience.
    5. Pencil pleat Curtails – Again, a very popular type of curtain that has a unique pleat style; it has rods. Pencil pleat curtains are a great option for homes.

    Common Window Curtains For Home Material

    Cotton Window Curtains: Curtains are the most breathable fabric; they give off a light and airy feel. Good quality sliding curtains are a must-have in any house. You can choose window curtain sets for your home made of cotton material as they are easy to wash.

    Polyester Curtains: If you are looking for lightweight curtains that do the job while not being heavy on the pockets, then polyester cottons are the right choice to go for. They come in various patterns, designs and colours.

    Velvet Curtains – For those that like their homes to look stylish, a cut above the rest, velvet curtains are a perfect choice. Choose solid-coloured velvet curtains that make an unmistakable statement. Also, because they are thick in nature, they are used as a material for noise reduction.

    Satin Curtain – Satin Curtains are a class apart in the look and feel it offers. Satin curtains are great as they don’t catch dust as much as the other materials. They look fresh, rich and luxurious.

    Curtain Colors to Pick From For Sliding Curtains

    Some popular curtain colours include –

    • White Curtains – Great for sheer curtains especially. Gives off that dreamy look.
    • Green Curtains – Gives an earthy, organic vibe. A very natural feel to it.
    • Blue Curtains – Want to give your home a very Greece vibe? Choose white & blue curtains!
    • Pink Curtains – Great option for kids, or teenager’s bedrooms where colours are always welcome
    • Yellow Curtains – Many prefer a vibrant home décor and colour; therefore, yellow curtain FTW
    • Red Curtains – If you want to make a bold statement, red curtains are for the win.

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