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    Cushion Covers – The Complete Buying Guide

    Cushion Covers are the most experimental pieces of your home décor. They change often and come in all sorts of shapes and patterns. If you are a home décor lover, mixing it up and amping up your home can be fun with experimental cushion covers. Irrespective of the size, condition and type of space, an instant facelift can be obtained, all thanks to a quick change in cushion covers.

    Since childhood, the mixture we hear guests are coming home, the first thing to get instant spruce up is a change in bedding sets. It makes the home look fresh, clean and different. But, if you want good quality, durable, designer cushion covers, you need to know about them in detail. Don’t mistake buying the first cushion cover you see and like online. There’s more to cushion covers than you would think.

    What Are Sofa Cushion Covers?

    Cushions are small-sized pillows that are used from a decorative plus comfort standpoint. The main purpose of cushions is rarely sleep-based; it is more often used for providing a more comfortable position while doing your daily activities. This includes watching TV, chatting with your loved ones, working and more. But due to their rough and tough use and daily requirement, a cushion cover is a must. It prevents the cushion from directly contacting dust, stains and more. Therefore, just like pillow covers, cushion covers also provide a layer of protection to your cushions.

    Types Of Cushion Covers -  Floral Cushion Covers Or Decorative Cushion or Designer Cushion Covers

    • Box Cushion Cover – One of the most popular and common types of the cushion cover. Box Cushion Cover or square cushion covers are generally used in the sofa areas. The more, the merrier when it comes to square cushions. It helps you have complete endless support while doing your daily activity. This size could also have round cushion covers.
    • Lumbar Cushion Cover – These cushions have more length to it because they aim to provide back support. With an increase in WFH, the demand for lumbar support cushions and their lumbar support cushion cover is rising.
    • Bolster Cushion – The huggable cushion. This type of cushion is usually used to support you in your sleeping position while sleeping. You can hug this one, put your leg on it and get added comfort. These are also used in a ‘Sethi’ or ‘dewan’ like the set-up in Indian-styled homes. They are great neck support due to their roundness.

    Know Before You Pick – Sizes Of Cushion Covers - Square Cushion Cover or Bolster Cushion Cover

    Since you know the types of cushion covers available in the market, let’s get into the sizes. The standard cushion sizes are




    Square Cushion Cover

    18” X 18”


    Bolster Cushion Cover

    20” Wide, diameter of 7cms



    Other sizes available are :

    1. Cushion Covers 12 x 12
    2. Cushion Covers 14 x 14
    3. Cushion Covers 12 x 18
    4. Cushion Covers 18 x 18
    5. Cushion Covers 16 x16

    Basic Types Of Closing Styles In Cushion Covers - Zippered Sofa Cushion Covers or Flap Like

    • Zippered Sofa Cushion covers – These are commonly used as they are very easy to put on. Zippers are convenient, maintain the cushion encased well and therefore away from stains and more.
    • Flap Like Cover – Cotton Cushion Covers are also made in a way that no added cushion closing apparatus is required. Instead, just squish your cushion in through a tiny flap of the cushion cover.

    Top Colours Of Cushion Covers Online - White Cushion Covers, Pink Cushion Covers, Brown Cushion Covers, Red Cushion Covers, Black Cushion Covers

    1. Green Cushions – Go for an au naturale, earthy and organic look with green cushion covers
    2. Grey Cushion Covers – if you like the minimalistic type of style and design with a chic factor, try a grey cushion cover
    3. Blue Cushion Covers – The serenity and peace blue colour brings is perfect for your home. Try bringing the blue element into your home with blue cushion covers. White cushion covers are a great option for this purpose too.
    4. Yellow Cushion Covers – Vibrancy and liveliness are what this colour stands for. Choose a yellow or pink cushion cover if you like the vibrancy it brings into your home.

    Popular Cushion Cover Materials

    1. Cotton Cushion Covers – Cotton cushion covers are popular because they are a very skin-friendly, lightweight, and easy-to-use material. In addition, they are super breathable, absorb sweat or moisture and leave you feeling supported and comfortable.
    2. Silk Cushion Covers – If you want a luxurious home vibe, silk cushion covers are the ideal choice. They feel amazing on the skin and do not absorb a lot of dust. Overall, there is a lesser chance of mould or mildew growth on the cushion if there is a silk barrier.
    3. Satin Printed Cushion Covers – Satin-Touch , just like silk, is used in homes with a Luxury-linen In addition, satin covers are known to be great for preventing hair damage that may occur through other cushion covers.
    4. Polyester Cushion Cover – If you are looking for affordable, lightweight cushion covers that dry easily, there is nothing like a good polyester cover.

    Cushion cover patterns and designs are truly endless. Some of the most popular patterns are floral cushion covers, mix n match pattern cushion covers, Handmade Cushion Covers  and geometric pattern cushion covers, among others.

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