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    Towel- Here’s What You Should Buy For in Towel Set

    Every individual is used to using certain products and following patterns that feel familiar. So often, we don’t even bother going out of our comfort zone to pick something that may be better than what we are settling for right now. For instance, most people continue using the same bath towel style and pattern they have used forever since childhood. However, with the advancement of research and innovation, newer types of towels are now available created for comfort and high utility.

    You can now have everything from quick dry towels to super soft towels at your disposal. All you need to do is make that choice, and give it a try. With Bianca Home, you can choose the best towels and explore options to finally pick something that works the best for you. However, you must first begin by knowing the varieties before making your purchase. Nothing feels as right as a well-researched, well-informed decision-making process.

    Pick the right material - Cotton Towels, Soft Towels, Quick Dry Towels, Turkish Towels

    Choosing the right towel depends heavily on the type of material you prefer. Let’s understand the types of towel materials and the purpose it is suited for.

    1. Pure Cotton Towels : Hands down, one of the most popular choices of towels is the good old cotton towel. You can purchase cotton towels online with a tap of a button, given the number of choices available. Highly absorbent, skin-friendly and has a good touch and feel.

    Ideal as: Bath Towels & Hand Towels.

    1. Cotton – Polyester Blend – Again, a very popular choice as it gives the comfort of cotton; however, it is more durable as it has great colour fastness properties. Great to touch and blended with polyester to the right degree giving the perfect feel.

    Ideal for: Bath Towels & Hand Towels.

    1. Linen – If you wish to opt for a very luxury towels that is durable, linen is the material for you. The best part is that it naturally has anti-microbial properties. It also dries up quickly, a desirable trait for a towel to have.

    Ideal For: Spas, Bathroom towels, Kitchen Towels.

    1. Bamboo Towels - This material is environmentally friendly. It also has a silky, luxurious feel to it. It is known for its softness and smooth finish. It feels great against the skin. It has one of the highest absorption capacities.

    Ideal For: Kitchen Towel and Bath Towel

    Types Of Towels You Should Know About: Thin Towels/ Fluffy Towels

    • Bath Towels– This one is most popularly used, is an everyday commodity and needs to be durable by nature. In addition, it needs to be of a soft material, easy on the skin, and a quick dry towel.
    • Face Towel – Using a normal Turkish towels on your facial skin can be quite harsh in the long run due to its rough texture. This is why using a face towel is essential. It is quick, dry, soft, and gentle on the skin and has a high absorption capacity. In addition, they are smaller in size and can be carried around.
    • Hand Towels– These are the ones that hang beside your wash basin to quickly tap your hands dry. These, too, need to be quick and dry in nature.
    • Kitchen Towel – These towels are highly absorbent and may not be as soft as the other towels. Their main role is to be absorbed quickly and dry quickly due to the nature of usage.

    Go Bold with Colors: White Towels, Black Towels, Red Towels, Green Towels, Yellow Towels, Orange Towels

    Just like your personality makes a statement, so should your home décor. Attention to detail is critical. Choosing the right kind of branded towels is more than just the feel; it is about the appearance too. Choose black towels as hand towels as they are used frequently, and hence ideal. You can use white towels in places such as spas and restaurants as it ensures that the towels are clean and fresh. For your home, red towels, green towels, yellow towels and orange towels are all great options based on the colour theme of your house.

    If you are looking for kitchen towels, you could go for theme-based towels that help you demarcate basis its utility. Red towels for the platform section and blue towels for drying the utensils, among others.

    Why Choose Bianca Home Décor For your Towel Set Needs?

    Bianca Home offers a wide range of products within the home décor category. The online store offers various products such as bedsheets, comforters, bedding sets, pillow covers, curtains, doormats and towels. So you can take your pick and browse through the website to choose the perfect décor options for you.

    The online store allows you to place filters. Therefore, you can filter products based on towel price or colour or material, making your online purchase simpler.