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    Mattress ProtectorWhy Do You Need Mattress Cover?

    Accidental spills are common at home, especially when a baby is at home. Unfortunately, despite immediately drying off the water, the dampness may remain. This causes damage and encourages the growth of mould or mildew that may transform your bedroom into an unhealthy environment.

    A mattress protector can provide an added layer of protection to your mattress. It's time you protect your expensive mattresses from unfortunate damages using a solid mattress protector. In addition, you can help prevent recurrent allergies that may be caused due to damp mattresses and mould growth in them.

    Why Should You opt For High-Quality Waterproof Bed Cover?

    1. They Help Protect Mattress from Mould or Mildew

    Did you know that dead skin from the body, sweat and other excess material like water or fluids can seep into your mattress? This can indirectly lead to the growth of moulds and mildew in your mattress. No matter how much you clean your cotton bed sheets, it can still cause allergies to those that sleep on them. Therefore, a mattress cover comes to the rescue by preventing such occurrences by acting as a waterproof bed cover.

    1. Improves the durability

    Spills can cause damage to the mattress; in a bid to dry them, people may use quirky ways such as sun drying, hairdryers etc., to rid the mattress of dampness. However, this may deteriorate the overall mattress quality and affect its warranty in the long run. Now choose mattress covers as a means of extending the natural shelf life of your mattresses. From double bed mattress protectors to single bed mattress protectors, you can buy comfortable, durable mattress protectors from online stores.

    1. Keep Up Cleanliness

    The quality of one's mattresses is often a good sign of checking the hygiene levels of someone's home/ bedroom. If you are a cleanliness fanatic, a good mattress protector is your best investment. It helps you keep your mattresses clean, and you have better control over the cleanliness cycles of the mattress covers. With waterproof mattress protectors, you can enjoy a squeaky-clean mattress at your home.

     Mattress Cover Sizes To Choose From

    Your mattresses come in various sizes and styles, so why shouldn't your mattress protectors? Now choose amazing mattress protectors that are customised in various sizes to meet the needs of your home. Gone are the days when you had to rely on a standard king size mattress protector. Instead, we now offer a range of mattress covers for you to choose from. Let's dive into the primary size standards of various mattresses available in the market before you take your pick of a waterproof mattress protector.





    38-inch X 75 Inch

    Ideal for single adults or children

    Twin XL

    38 inches by 80 inches

    Teenagers, Tall Children, Single Adults with Limited Space

    Full or Double

    54 inches by 75 inches

    Single Adult, Couples with limited Space in the room


    60 inches by 80 inches

    Ideal for guests' rooms, can fit two adults with limited Space

    King Size

    76 inches by 80 inches



    60 inches by 90 inches

    Singles Living alone


    Types Of Waterproof Mattress Protector For You To Choose From

    Before purchasing the ideal mattress protector, it is a must to know the type of mattress protectors available. These include

    1. Encasement Type – This type of protector offers the ultimate protection as they completely cover up your mattress. They encase it entirely. However, it can be a hassle to put on.
    2. Fitted Type - This type of protector is more ideal as it can offer ease in putting on a removing when required. It may leave the edges of the mattress unprotected; they are rather simple to maintain.
    3. Strapped or Anchor Based – This mattress protector offer maximum ease; however, the corners of the mattress remain exposed. Additionally, it offers stain protection as the top portion of the mattress is securely covered.

    Types Of Materials For King Size Mattress Protector, Double Bed Mattress Protector :

    The common range of materials that mattress covers come in include

    • Cotton: This fabric is breathable, making the overall experience comfortable.
    • Wool – It adds a layer of insulation; however, it may not be suitable for everyone from an allergy perspective
    • Polyester – This type of mattress protector is more affordable, easy to clean and lightweight.

    Why Choose Bianca's Mattress Protectors

    Bianca offers the ultimate sleep experience with the company's range of products. Bianca Home offers various home décor products such as bath towels, mattress protectors, bed sheets, bedding sets, comforters and more. The firm has immense knowledge and experience in delivering products that exude comfort and offer a cozy feeling. The website offers a range of mattress protectors for you to choose from based on your needs. You can pick from the various materials available online and filter on the basis of your budget

    It's time you protect your mattress from common stains, allergens and pests by using Bianca Home's Mattress protector.