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    Shower Curtains – How To Buy The Right Bathroom Curtains For Your Home

    Shower Curtains offer utility and functionality in every bathroom. Popularly also referred to as bathroom curtains, this product is a must-have in every household. Nobody likes having the whole bathroom wet, humid and sticky after someone uses it. Wet bathrooms also pose a safety issue that can become dangerous for the elderly or the kid's age groups.

    If you are looking to have products that add style and class to your home, then modern shower curtains are a must-buy. While it may not be common in every home, once you try it, there is no going back on them.

    What Is A Shower Curtain?

    If you are new to the concept of a shower curtain, here's everything you need to know about them. Essentially, the shower curtain is a long fabric that encases the shower area/ section of your bathroom. It is a way of demarcating the space used for shower or wet purposes. The biggest utility of the product is that it prevents the whole bathroom area from becoming wet and slippery. This is because most of the flow of the shower is contained by the shower curtain and gets concentrated in the shower area' only.

    An old shower curtain, if not maintained, can quickly become mouldy and unhygienic, and therefore it's ideal to frequently wash and periodically replace your shower curtain. Let's learn more about bathroom curtains.

    Common Materials Of Modern Curtains You Should Know About

    Shower curtains are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, patterns, prints and materials. Some of the most common shower curtain materials include

    1. Cotton Shower Curtains – If you prefer your bathroom has a natural look, then simple but useful cotton shower curtains are a great choice. Since cotton is an excellent water absorbent, it will soak in all that access spurts of water during showers. Lightweight cotton also is super easy to dry, and therefore it won't have lasting dampness retaining that could happen in much thicker materials. Choose a good bathroom partition curtain while also maintaining an attractive décor situation. With its unique designs, colourful styles and patterns, cotton shower curtains can truly uplift your home.
    2. Polyester Fabric – Polyester is a type of material that is very lightweight in nature, easy to dry, and absorbs water to a decent capacity. This property is what makes it ideal to be used in modern shower curtains. It dries up quickly after a shower has been used and therefore is a great option for it.
    3. Vinyl Shower Curtains – When it comes to buying shower curtains, some prefer having a water-resistant material that does not absorb the water and yet contains within the demarcated space. Vinyl shower curtains are great if you are looking to have a completely dry, non-absorbent shower curtain that does the job wonderfully. Even Vinyl shower curtains are now available in various colours and patterns that can amp up your bathroom décor.

    Know The Sizes:

    Before purchasing your shower curtain, make sure you are aware of the dimensions. This will ensure it is a proper fit for your bathroom. In general, the standard shower curtains size is 72" X 72". Based on your need, and bathroom dimensions, you could have these customized to perfection. For instance, extra wide shower curtains may also be available at a size of 108" X 72".

    Measurements are Width by Length:



    72” x 72”

    Most Popular Standard Shower Size

    84″ x 74″  

    Extra Wide Bathtub

    54″ x 78″

    Shower Stall

    70″ x 84″

    Extra Tall

    72″ x 96″

    Floor to Ceiling Shower


    Before you opt for an online shower curtain purchase, it's advisable to double-check the specific dimensions mentioned in the specification of the product.

    Do You Really Need A Bathroom Partition Curtain?

    Still confused in your bathroom truly needs a shower curtain? Let's break it down for you. Listed below are some of the reasons why a shower curtain is a must-have in every bathroom.

    1. Prevents Spillage: One of the primary reasons and the purpose of the shower curtain in the first place is to keep your bathroom free from 'constant wetness'. It prevents spillage of water that may spurt from a shower bath. Since the shower is used by multiple people throughout the day, a shower curtain ensures that the rest of the bathroom remains intact
    2. Prevents Gadgets Spoilage – In India, for instance, most people place their washing machine inside the bathroom. No matter how careful you may be, the walls of the machine end up getting wet. Not only can it affect the electronic panel of the machine, but it also promotes rust or grime formation. Because the shower curtain prevents water from spilling and splashing into everything around it, it helps the machine to have a more durable life.
    3. Safety Reasons – If you have kids or the elderly at home, it is inevitable that they may use the bathroom multiple times a day. Any small misstep on a slippery floor could become a nightmare in no time. Prevent unforeseen accidents and slips by using a shower curtain that allows the rest of the bathroom to remain dry.

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