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    Pillow Covers – Give your Bedroom an aesthetic look with our Solid, Printed & Cotton Pillow Covers.

    Every time you put your head on a new pillow, your mind gives it a quick quality test – how soft, how firm, well-sized, comfortable? Pillows offer an important experience of helping you sleep well. It has direct contact with your skin and a direct association with your sleep. Choosing the right pillows or picking the right pillowcases can greatly impact how well you sleep. Indirectly, this impacts your mood, your decisions, and your life.

    While choosing a pillow is important, choosing the right pillow cover for it cannot become an afterthought. When choosing the right room décor for yourself, don't you pay attention to the most minute details such as the colour of your light fixtures, accessories and more? Then why not place the same importance on pillow covers? Choosing the right pillow cover is more challenging than it looks. Therefore we make it easier for you with this pillow cover buying guide 2022.

     Choosing the Right Fabric :

    The right pillow needs to be matched with the right fabric. For example, suppose you have put time & effort into choosing a comfortable memory foam pillow and mixing it up with a synthetic, non-absorbent pillow cover; it's an incorrect match. Therefore, be mindful of the various fabrics available and pick the right one that suits you.

    1. Cotton Pillow Covers: Cotton pillowcases are ideal if you have purchased cotton-based pillows. They are the most breathable fabric, soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition, cotton is a durable material!
    2. Polyester Pillow Covers: If you are looking for a hypoallergenic product that is lightweight in material and easy to maintain, polyester is the right fabric for you. This material is affordable; therefore, you could buy these in a variety of patterns and designs.
    3. Silk Pillow Covers: Silk pillowcases are great for giving a luxurious look & feel. It is also a great fabric to sleep on as it offers comfort and is skin friendly.
    4. Satin Pillow Covers : Satin Pillow covers are growing in popularity as more experts suggest that satin material pillow covers are ideal for minimum hair breakage. It improves the hair quality and is therefore preferred.

    Sizes Of Pillow Covers Online :

    Since pillows come in various sizes, patterns and shapes, choosing the right size of pillow cover can be challenging. However, to make things simpler, there are standard pillow sizes that have corresponding pillow cover sizes. Understanding the standard pillow cover sizes will help you make the right decision while purchasing one. The standard sizes are:

    Pillow Cover Size

    Measurements (Inches)

    Measurements (CM)


    20 inches X 26 inches

    51 CM X 56 CM


    20 inches X 30 inches

    51 CM X 76 CM


    20 inches X 36 inches

    51 CM X 92 CM


    20 inches X 54 inches

    51 CM X 137 CM


    You can now search online and take your pick for the right pillow cover size. 

    Pick The Right Closure Patterns :

    There is a growing variety in the type and style of pillow cover closure patterns available. These are

    1. Zippers: One of the most common, simple to use a pattern – Zippers. These are great because they tightly encase the pillow and therefore prevent stains and dust from creeping in.
    2. Flap Like – This is a very simple to use, easy-to-maintain pattern. They do not need frequent repair or maintenance and can be machine washed without worry.
    3. Velcro – Velcro is commonly used for cushion covers and is easy to put on.
    4. Drawstring style – Most commonly used for bolsters or long-styled pillows. It can be tied in on both ends.

    Patterns And Designs Of Pillow Covers

    You can mix and match the patterns with your existing bedsheet design. Alternatively, you can choose bedding sets and get a complete matching set inclusive of pillow covers.

    If you are looking to buy them separately, you are sure to be spoilt for choice, given the wide array of options available. These include floral patterns, geometric patterns and more. These days, you can even explore a more patterned style of pillow covers, such as macramé pillow covers or rug-like patterned covers.

    Colours :

    1. White Pillow Covers – You simply cannot go wrong with classic white pillow covers. They can be mixed and matched with any pattern and will blend in beautifully with it.
    2. Pink Pillow Covers – Great for baby girls' room or a teenage girl's bedroom if it is themed pink
    3. Blue Pillow Covers – Blue covers are great for giving a cool tone to your bedroom. Adds to a soothing feel.
    4. Yellow Pillow Covers/ Orange Pillow Covers – If you prefer a vibrant theme, yellow or orange pillow covers are ideal. They will add life to every room.

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