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     Memory Foam Pillow - How to choose the right memory foam pillow?

    The need to have the best sleeping experience is the reason why most people wish to invest in a good bedding set. While traditional materials such as cotton have been popular, the world is now experiencing innovation in materials used for bedding.

    Memory foam is one such material which has been capturing the interest of users globally. It has garnered traction and popularity for the ease and comfort it offers to the user. Memory foam as a material is now popularly used in a variety of products such as mattresses, pillows and more.

    What Is Foam Pillow ?

    Memory foam is a material that contains polyurethane along with added chemicals that make up the formula. This leads to an increase in viscosity and density that attributes the viscoelastic properties to the product. This is known as polyurethane foam and is popular across the world.

    This material, therefore, consists of small cells that have a bubble-like effect, thus creating a matrix that allows air to travel within. Everything from foam pillows to foam mattresses is the go-to choice for enjoying a blissful sleeping experience.

    Why Choose Memory Pillow ?

    1. Support: The primary reason why memory pillows has been gaining popularity is because of the support it offers. It works by taking the shape of your head and neck when you sleep on it. This layer then reforms itself back to its original shape. Therefore, promoting a good alignment in the spine and offering a good restful night of sleep.
    2. Durable: Unlike normal cotton pillows that over time lose its shape, memory foam pillows retain their structure for a longer time. Cotton pillows may tend to clump and also get uneven. However, a bamboo memory foam pillow does not pose this issue.
    3. Keeping It Cool: Sleeping on hot summer nights can become a nightmare when the temperatures are soaring sky-high. Memory foam pillows exude a cooling effect that prevents disturbed sleep due to excessive heating or sweat. Therefore, overall, it gives off a nice and cool sleeping experience.
    4. Hypoallergenic: Change in season, pollutants, and mildew formation are all possible reasons for your body to evoke an allergic reaction. Memory foam pillow as a product is hypoallergenic in material that it the material is such that it does now promote the build-up of mould or mildew that could trigger allergies

    Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow - Sizes Of Memory Foam Pillows You Should Know Of :

    Foam pillows, just like all other pillows, come in various standard sizes. Listed below are its sizes :

    Pillow Size

    Measurements (Inches)

    Measurements (CM)

    Standard Pillow

    20 inches X 26 inches

    51 CM X 56 CM

    Queen Pillow

    20 inches X 30 inches

    51 CM X 76 CM

    King Pillow

    20 inches X 36 inches

    51 CM X 92 CM

    Body Pillow

    20 inches X 54 inches

    51 CM X 137 CM


    Why Choose Bianca Home For Your Memory Foam Pillow Purchase?

    Bianca Home has been a pioneer in providing a range of bedding accessories for over decades now. The company believes in staying abreast with the latest invitation, customer feedback and market reviews. Bianca Home décor website is home to a wide range of sleeping accessories that include pillows, pillow covers, bed sheets, bedding sets, curtains, cushions and more. These are available in all standard sizes, patterns and designs. The firm proactively sources materials sustainably and ensures that the client receives top-notch, high-quality products every single time.

    Bianca Home currently offers high-quality, bamboo memory foam pillows that enhance your best experience. The website's most common and popular varieties of cotton pillows online include memory foam, eco-fibre pillow and microfiber pillow. These pillows support your spine, and come from high-quality manufacturing processes. These memory foam pillows also offer orthopedic support to the user. Visit the online store and choose from a range of foam pillows available.