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    Pillow – Know Everything Before Purchasing Your Next Pillow

    Spending a night of restful sleep can have a massive positive impact on all aspects of your life. Having good restful sleep cycles aids in good mood regulation, a well-managed lifestyle and an overall positive experience. Therefore, individuals must choose the right kind of sleeping accessories to make their sleep even more comfortable.

    A good pillow can uplift your sleep cycle, offer maximum rest and result in minimum neck strains. This results in an overall improvement in moods, mental health and physical health due to an improved and regular sleep cycle.

    Pillows are the perfect sleep companion that truly takes your sleeping experience a notch higher. However, changing from, say, a cushion pillow to a long pillow to another can also lead to a lot of discomforts and cause distress in your sleep cycle, which is why it is essential to stay informed about the various types, sizes, materials of pillows available for you to choose from. Then, based on your need, you can choose a corresponding sleep pillow that makes your sleeping experience holistic.

    Types Of Sleep Pillow Materials For You To Choose From

    1. Cotton Pillow: One of the most common materials used to make a pillow. This material is most popularly used as it is a comfortable and breathable fabric that suits everyone. However, cotton may often go out of shape, become flat over time, and require fluffing. It may also be prone to mildew build-up after it gets older.

    2. Memory Foam Pillow: One of the most upcoming popular categories is the memory foam pillow. It adapts to shape and sleep position quickly, providing comfort. These may be of the shredded type or block type. The shredded pillows are softened and adjust to sleeping patterns. On the other head, block memory foam does not give that clumpy feeling and can be used for more support.

    3. Feather Pillows: This type of pillow is soft, cosy and warm to touch and feel. They require fluffing but offer a great sleeping experience. The downside is that due to its nature, it is prone to a clumping-like effect.

    4. Microbeads Pillows: This pillow is soft and squishy. They may be used in sofas or other seating arrangements. It also provides great support while sleeping upright. Such as neck pillows. The only con is that it isn’t an eco-friendly option.

    Best Pillows For Sleeping- Pillow Sizes You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

    Almost everyone is aware that beds come in various standard sizes. This helps the user differentiate and buy a bed that is suitable for their specific need. However, did you know that pillows come in various sizes? Let’s take you through the various pillow sizes available for you to pick from.

    Pillow Size

    Measurements (Inches)

    Measurements (CM)

    Standard Pillow

    20 inches X 26 inches

    51 CM X 56 CM

    Queen Pillow

    20 inches X 30 inches

    51 CM X 76 CM

    King Pillow

    20 inches X 36 inches

    51 CM X 92 CM

    Body Pillow

    20 inches X 54 inches

    51 CM X 137 CM


    Standard Pillow: Ideal for those who sleep in a straight position through the night. This pillow can cause issues if the user tends to toss and turn often.

    Queen Size Pillow: For those who often toss and turn, this pillow offers additional length, providing additional support. You will no longer find your head lopsided outside the pillow. Thus, preventing frequent & recurring neck injuries or sprains.

    King Size Pillow: This is perfect for those who toss and turn quite a lot. It offers additional surface and support for the head and neck.

    Body Size Pillow: The massive dimensions make it an ideal choice for side sleepers. This pillow also supports pregnant women who are recommended to sleep sideways.

    Choose Bianca As Your Go-To Choose To Buy Pillow Online

    Pillow shopping is often overlooked and not emphasized enough. We at Bianca Home know and stress the importance of having a good pillow that provides comfort and support and improves the overall sleeping experience. We offer some of the best pillows for sleeping owing to our vast experience in providing sleeping accessories of every type and material to our users.

    If you are looking to buy pillows online, Bianca Home is here to offer you pillows online at affordable prices while maintaining its quality standards. In addition, you can now choose from bed pillows to long pillows or pillow covers  or cushion cover based on your needs.

    The website's most common and popular varieties of cotton pillows online include memory foam, eco-fibre pillow and microfiber pillow. We offer these in sets of two or four. We also provide single pillows as required. You can even choose the level of firmness that suits your sleeping needs, i.e., firm, medium firm, soft and more.