5 Ways of Styling Your Curtains for Your Aesthetic Living Room

Your space, your home speaks volumes about your personality. Reflect your style and make it an easy extension of your own space by adding the right elements. If you are redesigning your living room and confused about bringing all the elements together, we’ve got you covered.

Designer curtains for the living room is the one element that can truly bring out the personality of your décor and tie it all in to create the statement you want. Today, we share with you 5 clever ways to style designer curtains to amp your aesthetics.

Designer Curtains

1. Try Sheer

Sheer curtains add an oomph factor to your living room. They make the room look luxurious and add a much need dimension to your space. You can pair up your sheer curtains with solid colour curtains of a similar accent. Give your living space some much-needed airy and breeze look and let it have a spacious depth to it.

2. Vibrant Colours

Choose bold colours such as red or bright yellow to add colour to your living room. Say goodbye to dull living rooms, and ensure your living room is colourfully brilliant. A small touch of vibrance can add life to your living room by adding your own touch. Bring out your style and vitality into every corner of your home with the vibrance of colours.

3. Go Light!

These are the best choice if you like your home to give off a typical warm, soothing vibe. Choose light, fresh, floral designs and colours to make your living room the most inviting space of your home. You can also go for light-coloured to maintain the beauty of your living room. You can choose from our wide range of colours such as blue, red, and purple and give your living room some definition.

Curtains For Living Room

4. Opt for Long Door Curtains

Learning to live in a metropolitan city can be quite interesting. A small design hack can go a long way in living urban life. Choose long window curtains for your windows; they give the illusion of a large space and add depth to a room. Long Door curtains for living room can add a dash of personality.

5. Floral Print Curtain

Choose to mix and match your curtain between the bold and floral print of the same colour family. Design-wise, this adds a breath of fresh air and makes the room feel vibrant. Add a spirit of liveliness and oomph to your home with stunning floral print curtains. Pair these with solid-coloured curtains of the same accent colours.


Redefine your living space with the power of flawless décor. Simple décor ideas can go a long way in reclaiming your space and giving it a touch of your own flavour.