A Guide to Towel Shopping for the Millennials

It’s known that millennials are all about self-care and pampering and spend lavishly on bath products. But have you given a second thought to your bathroom towels? They are the unsung heroes of your household. From bathroom towels, kitchen towels, and hand towels to face towels – they are versatile and an integral part of our daily routine. Towels for bath help you get dry and clean and elevate the look of your home. But with the overwhelming options, how do you know you’re choosing the right ones? If you’re a millennial who has just moved into your own space or simply wants to gain some knowledge on towel shopping, this guide is for you.

  • Check the Fibre Content: Fancy towel descriptions can leave you scratching your head. There is Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton, but which one is the best for you? In such cases, it’s always preferable to check the fiber content to determine the quality of the towel. If you want a super soft, luxurious towel – check for 100 per cent cotton. They are super absorbent. If you want something lighter and one that dries quickly, opt for a cotton-polyester blend. They are relatively more expensive and long-lasting if you are looking for towel for bath.
  • Check the towel's weight: bath towels are usually measured in grams per square meter (GSM). A 300-400 GSM towel is thin and light, dries quickly and is space efficient. A standard towel for bath weighs between 400-600 GSM and is the most common among millennials. A 600-900 GSM is the heaviest, making it fluffy and absorbent. These are soft and luxurious and are usually found in hotels.
  • Opt for Microfiber towels: Microfiber towels are a growing popular choice among millennials for all the right reasons. Millennials are all about utility and comfort, and microfiber towels offer both. They absorb water faster and dry quickly compared to other standard towels. In addition, microfiber towels are durable and longer lasting, making them sustainable. Various studies have also proved that microfiber towels reduce the frizz in your hair, leading to lesser hair fall in the long run.
  • Pick a colour that matches your personality: When you think of a towel, you probably imagine a fluffy white towel. White is a classic colour choice for towels. You can always style your personality as per your preferences.  Go for bright colours like  yellow or red bathroom towels or match your towels with your home or bathroom décor and make your space look elegant.
  • Opt for Environment-Friendly Options: Millennials are conscious of their lifestyle choices and the impacts they make on the environment. If you want to focus on sustainability, you can opt for towels made out of bamboo or cotton yarn. Fabrics of such organic towels absorbs and dries quickly – making them great for bathing. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to fungus and other germs, ensuring proper hygiene.
A bathroom towel has one end goal – to dry and keep clean. But there are many ways to reach that goal. Whether you prefer utility or luxury, it is a matter of personal taste and choice. At Bianca Home, we offer high-quality towels that are made from 100 per cent cotton. They are made using AeroCore Organic technology and are super absorbent, anti-bacterial and durable. In addition, we offer a lot of colour choices to match your style.