Create Great First Impressions With Attractive Door Mats

Every person understands the significance of a great first impression. In spite of that people fail to understand the significance of one key area people notice first i.e. doormat, though doormats have been traditionally used for keeping floors dirt-free, dry and safe. But due to the ever-increasing demand of interiors and home decors, doormats can play a vital role in enhancing the whole view. The entrance of a residential or a commercial building offers a great eye-catching way to convey a welcoming message. Attractive doormats can be used to create a great first impression. One can choose from the wide variety of doormats online for various applications to every style and setting. Basically, the varieties can be subdivided into residential and business-related doormats. Therefore as the name suggests residential doormats are intended for home usage whereas business-related doormats are designed for commercial and industrial usage. Additionally, doormats can be further categorized based on design, materials, colors, sizes, purpose or functionality and surface pattern and many more features.

1. Indoor & Outdoor Mats

The doormats can also be classified based on the factor of the site of installation such as indoor mats and outdoor mats. The indoor mats as the name suggests are intended for setting inside the house whereas outdoor mats are especially suitable for setting outside the building. Therefore a single mat is innovatively designed to suit both indoor and outdoor installation. Their materials are sturdy and possess the capability to scrape off dirt off shoes along with great absorption capacity. They are best suited as an entryway or as welcome logo entrance mats.

2. Decorative Mats

Decorative mats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but they can be distinguished by their main feature of uniqueness. Decorative Doormats online offers a diverse range of mats with bright colors, geometric designs, initials of family members, company logos or names, logos of favorite sports team, patriotic designs, flower or sceneries printed and many more designs to grab the attention of the visitors or clients. A lot of companies even provide custom-made doormats to suit all interiors and purposes.

3. Scraper Mats

Scraper doormats are also designed to install outside of the entrance door to facilitate people scrape off their shoes before entering the house in order to prevent debris and dirt from entering inside. They have a rough surface and edges to facilitate scraping. They are manufactured using tough materials like vinyl and PVC coir. They are designed to stand up to the essentials and last longer. Scraper Doormats online are available in decorative designs and many companies use customized ones to show off a logo to enhance the brand name or visibility of their business.

Door Mats

4. All-purpose purpose Industrial Doormats

The doormats in the industrial sector can be subdivided into general or all purpose doormats and specialty doormats. The general purpose doormats are designed to suit general industrial or commercial purpose. They are available in the latest innovative and functional features such as anti-fatigue, anti-slip door mats etc. The anti-fatigue doormats are best for offering ergonomic relief to employees in tiring working conditions, whereas anti slip doormats offer proper grip in the place of work to avoid accidents. They are also available in logo designs to provide added benefits for the companies name and branding.

5. Specialty Industrial Doormats

Specialty industrial doormats are particularly designed for setting up in precise production departments. The Doormats online market offers a variety of inventive and ground-breaking specialty doormats such as chemical resistant doormats, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, electrostatic dissipative (ESD)/conductive doormat solutions, antimicrobial medical doormats, vibration and noise reduction doormats and many more solutions.

6. Logo Mats

Logo Mats are special types of doormats designed for communication objectives. These types of door mats are generally used by companies and businesses to create an impactful first impression on the visitors. They work as an attention-grabbing asset to promote a brand logo, communicate purposes, feature graphical messages on the surface design, and endorse a tagline, or even a welcoming message for the customers and visitors. These types of door mats are best suited for advertisement purposes and also to communicate danger warnings to indicate danger zones in the workplace.

Bianca Store offers a wide range of styles and designs to suit different decors and interiors. Striped doormats facilitate small spaces to look spacious, dark colored and printed mats are a best suited to hide dirt’s and stains and the rubber mats that are best for industrial use. Whatever one selects it should be made sure it suits the purpose and surrounding.