What You Need To Know Before You Buy Bed Sheets Online

Buying bed sheets online is not a hard-hitting job. One needs to keep in mind a few of the factors before buying bed sheets online. It is important to understand some basics related to quality, fabric, dimensions, design, weave and thread count. There are various other features such as luxury, comfort, and style along with diverse range varieties like embroidered, printed, quilted and plain bed sheets. Considering these few factors can help in making the best choice when buying bed sheets online. So, one requires to make sure to invest in bed sheets that feel awesome and will last longer.

Cotton Bed Sheet

Few points to keep in mind while buying bed sheets online are:

1. Material and quality:

It is very important to select the high-quality material while buying a bed sheet online. The type of fabric really affects comfort. The blend and the mix define the texture of the fabric. There are various types of fabric like Pure cotton bed sheets that are delightfully soft and breathable, easy-care cotton that is long lasting soft varieties that require no ironing, Egyptian cotton that is a superiorly soft and fine variety with high thread counts, Cotton Silk that is available in minimalistic matte-sheen finish which seems soft and has beautiful drape along with temperature regulating properties, Linen which is a variety that offers dual quality of keeping cool in summers and warm during winters, and Cotton Cashmere that are whisper-light and comfortable to sleep in.

2. Get accurate fit:

It is important to check the size chart before placing the bed sheet into the cart. The dimensions are the major differentiating factor in bed sheets. It will be a complete wastage of money without pre-deciding the measurements of the bed sheet matching to the mattress. All online portals provide a size chart and one should devotedly go through the specifications before selecting a perfect fitting bed sheet matching the mattress size.

3. Thread count gimmick:

Since long years it was believed that higher thread count accounts for better and softer fabric. But the real fact behind is that it is just a marketing gimmick. It basically refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. There are various manufacturers who falsely claim of higher thread count by stuffing low-quality thread into small space. The quality of fabric should be taken into consideration rather than the thread count. But the thread count should not be completely ignored it needs to be taken into consideration but first, the quality of cotton needs to be taken into account.

4. Color and Design according to the interiors:

The best part of the colorful bed sheet is that they can help in expressing the various moods naturally. They play a major part in adding spunk and personality to the interiors of the room. The online market offers a variety of designs and colors to suit various choices, occasions and mood. One can choose beautifully knitted bed sheets for creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Cartoon printed bed sheets for kid’s room. For the drawing room, floral printed bed sheets are a perfect choice. The bed sheets play the major decor piece to add charm and luxury to the interiors. It is important to choose the best color and design from the wide range of single colored to shade or printed ones available online.

5. Go through the return policy:

It is very important to go through the return policy before adding the products to the cart because it is not easy to feel the quality of the product until and unless the product has been tried. There are various brands in the online market that accepts returns up to few months from the date of purchase for any reasons. The only thing to be kept in mind is to keep the receipts safely, in case of any complaints regarding size, shrinkage; fading etc receipts are needed to return back the products. Therefore these types of return policies make the online shopping experience pleasurable.

Purchasing bed sheets online at Bianca Store offers varieties of choices to choose from like weave, designs and fabrics like Cotton Bed Sheets, Linen Bed Sheets, Egyptian cotton, and Bamboo Rayon are few of the wide-ranging choices that can be found online. The online market offers great deals and discounts that make the purchasing experience more pockets friendly and pleasurable.