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    Curtains - Everything You Need to Know About Curtain Styles, Materials, Types and Designs

    Curtains are underappreciated as being one of the most basic items a house ‘must have’. You just can’t get a good night’s sleep without having all outside light blocked. In order to have a restful sleep, experts have repeatedly emphasized having minimum light intruding your sleep space. Therefore, while curtains for living rooms are great, curtains for bedrooms are a non-negotiable commodity. Various types, sizes, materials and patterns of curtains are available.

    Unlike traditional roles of curtains, i.e., for decorative curtains and light blocking purposes, curtains have undergone innovation too. Curtains now also offer noise blocking in addition to their traditional roles. This, of course, depends on the type of curtains you choose. Given the wide variety of options in curtain shopping, the task has become a tedious, confusing process, which is why we are here to break it down for you! Know your curtains before buying them. Let’s dive right into curtains.

    Top Uses of Designer Curtain

    1. Light Blocking: When choosing curtains for bedrooms, it is advisable to go for shades and types of curtains to ensure light blocking. Living in cities comes with a lot of artificial light coming in through the windows, even at night time. Curtains for bedrooms, therefore, have to be resistant to this. For instance, blackout curtains or blind curtains are growing in popularity because they offer complete darkness.
    2. Noise reduction Curtains: These curtains can come in various materials such as velvet, polyester or suede. The core principle is that the out layer comprises a porous material that absorbs all the sound waves. This makes the room quieter. These are generally heavy materials. Ideal for being used in work rooms given WFH is a common phenomenon.
    3. Decorative Purposes: Curtains are one the greatest ways of amping up your room décor with minimal effort and invasiveness. You can just change your curtain style and colour, giving your home a completely different look and feel.

    Types Of Curtains You Should Know About - Curtains For Living Room / Curtains For Bedroom / Curtains For Home

    While designer curtains are always available, it is essential to be aware of the types of curtains

    1. Sheer Curtains: Great curtains for the living room, as they allow a good amount of sunlight to pass through without having a harsh blinding sunray bother you. They give off a very rich and airy vibe to the home
    2. Blackout Curtains – As mentioned previously, blind curtains are great for those who prefer having a complete bitch dark environment when they sleep.
    3. Flat Panel Curtains are unlined curtains, generally made of cotton or linen. These are commonly used at home and east to maintain. Again, you can expect only slight gathers in this space.
    4. Eyelet Curtains – These curtains naturally are made with eyelet space in them that allows for easy hanging on to the pole. No other accessory is required; they move around easily and are super convenient for modern homes. They could also have pleats that give off a pleasant look and feel.
    5. Pinch Pleated Curtains – These stunning pieces have gathers of three on the top portion that makes it look uber classy and add to the chic vibe of your space. These may be slightly more expensive. However they are the perfect choice for you. These highly desirable design curtains change the look and feel of your home with little effort.
    6. Mix N Match Curtain and drapes – You can go for this classic, all-time popular look where you mix and match the drapes and curtains. These curtains for home are the best way to make your house look perfectly luxurious.

    Wall Curtains Colors to Pick From - Blind Curtain or Blackout Curtains

    Some popular curtain colours include –

    1. White Curtains – Great for sheer curtains especially. Gives off that dreamy look.
    2. Green Curtains – Gives an earthy, organic vibe. A very natural feel to it.
    3. Blue Curtains – Want to give your home a very Greece vibe? Choose white & blue curtains!
    4. Pink Curtains – Great option for kids, or teenager’s bedrooms where colours are always welcome
    5. Yellow Curtains – Many prefer a home décor that’s vibrant and colour; therefore, yellow curtain FTW
    6. Red Curtains – If you are looking to make a bold statement, red curtains are for the win.

    Curtains are used for space beyond just your living room and bedroom. For instance, balcony curtains are great at protecting your privacy. Grey Curtains are also used in kitchen entrances to demarcate the area and make it private from guests that may visit.

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    So go shop to your heart's content!