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    Buy Cervical Pillows: Know More About Style, Material, Types and Price

    Hectic work schedules, frequent travelers, and long working hours on the computer are also reasons for stiff neck and discomfort. While going to your bed at the end of the day and resting your head on your pillow feels heavenly, the type of pillow you use matters. Have you ever wondered if the persistent pain in your neck could be due to a bad pillow or an existing lifestyle?

    Cervical Pillows or neck pillows have been specifically designed for this purpose. Pillows for neck pain offer the perfect support to your upper backbone, the cervical spine region. Try out a cervical pillow to relieve years of neck pain and observe if your pain experiences a respite over time.

    Neck Pillow - What Are Some Of The Common Uses Of A Cervical Pillow?

    A cervical Pillow or neck pillow also acts as a back support pillow and provides additional support to the upper back region.

    1. For Back Sleepers: If you are someone who likes sleeping on your back, these provide excellent lumbar support and, therefore, comfort
    2. For Side Sleepers: When you sleep sideways, the alignment of your neck can easily go off slightly, therefore causing discomfort. Therefore, choose a cervical pillow, sometimes also known as a lumbar pillow or o, to provide your back with the much-needed respite.
    3. Stomach Sleepers: Did you know that sleeping on your stomach can cause extreme discomfort in your neck? Doing this for the long haul can result in neck and upper back ailments. Avoid these hassles by choosing a cervical pillow that eases the pressure on the neck.
    4. Travelers: One of the most common reasons people use the neck pillow is for travelling purposes. Travels can already be hectic in nature; the least you can do is make your flight train experience a little more pleasant by using a neck pillow during your journeys.

    Benefits Of Using A Orthopedic Pillow

    1. Comfort: One of the main reasons for using any kind of pillow is comfort. The aim is the have a good, restful sleeping experience. It’s not the quantity of sleep but the quality that matters. Using a neck pillow offers the most restful, well-supported sleeping experience.
    2. Protects your Cervical Spine region: The cervical spine region contains seven bones cushioned by spongy cervical disks. When awkward sleeping patterns cause a change in the natural curve(lordotic cervical curve), it irritates the cervical muscles, tendons and disks. This results in pain and discomfort. Therefore, a good cervical pillow or lumbar pillow or spondylitis pillow is used to extend comfort to this region. It helps you maintain your overall health.
    3. Supports every type of sleeper: As already mentioned earlier, the use of a neck pillow is quite versatile. It isn’t just limited to travelling or those with a neck condition. It adds comforts to various types of sleepers.
    4. Great for travelling: Nothing makes travelling more comfortable than a neck pillow. Use a good neck pillow to support your neck during travels. Flights require an upright or sitting sleeping position. This can tense the upper back muscles. A good cervical pillow offers excellent support and takes the tension off your shoulders and upper back.

    Types Of Neck Pillows

    1. Neck Rolls
    2. D-core with a D-shaped indentation
    3. Standard contour pillows
    4. Horseshoe shaped pillows

    Know The Materials Of Cervical Pillows

    It’s time to dive into the various materials cervical pillows come in

    1. Memory Foam Pillow: One of the greatest benefits of using memory foam is the beauty with which it contours itself to the user's shape. It naturally supports the back and neck by adapting to the specific shape of the user’s head and neck.
    2. Cotton Pillow – Simple, breathable, easy-to-use material with great durability.
    3. Synthetic Pillow – Great for travels; however, cotton or memory foam makes for a better regular ortho pillow.

    Cervical Pillow Price - Price For Neck Pillows

    Based on the type, quality and material you choose, the price for a neck pillow can vary quite a bit. However, investing in a long-term, durable product that offers comfort is best. For instance, orthopedic pillows are chosen for their lumbar support.

    Bianca Home offers a range of microfiber pillow that come in a versatile price range. You are sure to find the range that suits your needs the most. For instance, Bianca’s orthopedic pillow for neck pain are made of 100% bamboo fabric come as a single piece or a set, depending on your needs.

    Why Choose Bianca For Your Cervical Pillow Needs

    Cervical Pillows offer maximum comfort and support to your back and neck. It is essential to pick a vendor that understands the nuances of making a good lumbar pillow. Bianca Home has decades of experience in manufacturing a range of home décor products, including – pillows, bedsheets, bedding sets, cushions, curtains and doormats, among others. Choose Bianca for your special support needs by choosing our pillow for back pain and having an experience pleasant sleep cycle.